About Us

360 Labs was founded by three guys who love the 360 medium. We prefer to think outside the frame. We believe that immersive experiences have the potential to make a lasting impact on just about any audience. And you’ve got to admit, they’re so awesome!

We’re pixel-peepers. We strive to produce the highest resolution beautiful scenes, to immerse our audiences with a sense of awe and wonder. We’re passionate VR filmmakers with many of our own original in-house stories celebrating diversity and advocating for nature. We would love to help tell your story too.

We’re fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with many talented artists, developers, designers & filmmakers who help us to deliver the best experiences and apps to our clients. If you're passionate about 360 like we are, we'd love to talk!

The Core Team

Matt Rowell

Matt Rowell // Co-Founder / President

Matt started his career as the creator of an award winning PC gaming community known as the Gamers’ Alliance - at more than 3 million monthly unique visitors, the company was acquired and he was hired by eUniverse, Inc. in 1999. He later continued his career as a web developer at one of Portland’s top digital agencies for 8 years, where he transitioned into the role of a digital media producer creating eLearning content for brands such as OHSU, Wells Fargo and A-dec. Yearning for more of a creative outlet, Matt left his agency gig to pursue freelance opportunities as a panoramic photographer and video producer, and would later co-found 360 Labs.

Thomas Hayden

Thomas Hayden // Co-Founder

With more than a decade of work exclusively in virtual reality (VR), Thomas Hayden helped pioneer the new medium of 360° video. The depth of experience he brings to each VR project from concept through production is part of our secret sauce at 360 Labs. Thomas has produced 360 projects for world class brands like GoPro, The Sierra Club, Google, Daimler, the United States Coast Guard, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and many more. Thomas first learned to tell a story in the old way, around a campfire, as an expedition river guide on the Colorado Plateau. From Mexico to Alaska, wild places have long been his sanctuary, and access to them helped Thomas decide to put down roots in Portland, OR.

Brad Gill

Brad Gill // Co-Founder

Brad grew up in Georgia and moved to Oregon in 2010. Brad holds a degree in Advertising Management from Portland State University. He started photography at a young age and panoramic photography after moving to Portland. Since the inception of 360 Labs in 2013, Brad has managed 360 video projects for YouTube, The US National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, The US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, and many other amazing clients.

Forrest Brennan

Forrest Brennan // VR Editor / Producer

Forrest is a jack of many trades.  He is experienced in all areas of post-production including editing, VFX, motion graphics, soundtrack composition and audio mastering.  A graduate from Western State Colorado University, Forrest began working with video in 2010 and 360 production in 2016.  Some of his favorite projects include filming Zombie Cats From Mars, teaching video production to high school students in Oregon and learning how to scuba dive for a 360 video in the Red Sea.  Forrest enjoys creative collaborating, biking and traveling.


Rachel Bracker

Rachel Bracker // VR Editor / Producer

Rachel is a 360 filmmaker and traditional video editor who loves using emerging tech to tell true stories. She holds a master's degree in multimedia journalism and prioritizes community engagement around all her 360 projects. She believes access to VR and diversity within the industry is vital. Rachel is currently directing With the Wind and the Stars - a 360 docuseries about female pilots. The series is sponsored by 360 Labs and has been featured on YouTube's "Best of VR" and Oculus TV. Between filming and editing, Rachel teaches at NW Documentary and Portland Community College. She enjoys painting in VR, studying Japanese, and going to air shows.


Corey Crawford

Corey Crawford // Spatial Audio Engineer

Exploring and experimenting with sound has always been at the center of his creative process. Corey's journey with sound started with sampling and tape loops on a 4 track some 20 years ago and has progressed through the infancy of DAW/Computer recording, continuing on to this day. Corey has worked in traditional recording studios, audio post-production film/broadcast, and location audio. Not being afraid to experiment and be at the forefront of technology led him on his journey into spatial audio and VR. When VR hit the market, Corey knew that audio was going to play a major role in fully allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the experience. The idea of working with spatial audio in its infancy where there is no set rules truly got his creative mind ablaze. He jumped right into this new expression of sound and has gained valuable knowledge working with not only post processing spatial audio but various different ways to capture audio for 360/VR on location.


James Dixon

James Dixon // Director / Cultural Advisor

James is a Portland-based director, performer and equity facilitator. He is also a proud Theatre Vertigo alumni and a current Fuse Theatre ensemble member. James’ favorite past directorial credits include "Genderfication" with 360 Labs which is centered around transgender, femme, and non-binary humans of color in honor of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. For the stage, James has directed “Bootycandy” with Fuse Theatre (nominated for Best Director of a Play and Best Play for Broadway World), “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” with LineStorm Playwrights, and as Cultural Advisor for “Hair” with Staged! Theatre. Favorite acting credits include “Bakkhai” with Shaking the Tree, “Two Trains Running” and “The NO Play" at PassinArt, “The Melody Lingers On” with Clackamas Repertory Theatre, “Showboat” with Portland Opera, “James and the Giant Peach” at Oregon Children’s Theatre, “Equus” at Post5 Theatre, “Parade” at Staged! Theater, and “On the Edge: Trifles and Dutchman” at Defunkt Theatre. www.jamesrdixon.com


Kyle Janus

Kyle Janus // Brand Ambassador/ Development Specialist

Kyle has built his life around connecting people, building engagement, and designing solutions. A creative at heart with a degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Towson University in Maryland where he was raised, Kyle lives in Portland, Oregon doing what he does best as a freelance marketing, operations, and business development strategist. His professional and personal experience span a vast array of industries and audiences. The guy who always has a project, lately, he’s been helping some farmers, an energy healer, a geologist, a restaurateur, and an awesome VR / 360 production team to build better connections with their key markets. In his spare time, he writes, edits, and produces a serial digital variety show fundraiser and teaches yoga, which he studied while backpacking across Thailand in 2019.


Sonya Neunzert

Sonya Neunzert // Unity Developer / 3D Animator

Sonya is a freelance AR/VR artist, creative technologist and programmer. She works in 3D animation, immersive media development, and game development. She works with a variety of creative studios and media production companies around Portland. Sonya graduated from University of Oregon in 2015 with a degree in Digital Art, and thrives on prototyping, problem-solving, and emerging-tech-wrangling. She also teaches 3D art and programming through the Saturday Academy.


Kristine Severson

Kristine Severson // Producer / Advisor

Based in San Francisco, Kris Severson has been working with VR content for the past several years. Most recently, she worked at HTC, curating consumer VR content for global digital distribution. She also directed HTC's VR for Impact initiative, which funds social impact projects in areas such as climate change and social equality. Kris is a strong believer in immersive content being able to increase empathy and accelerate awareness and fundraising. She spends her free time as a fine art photographer, and volunteering at local animal shelters.