December to Remember

Radio station 94/7FM wanted listeners to “relive” the December to Remember concert series online, so they invited 360 Labs to capture the event in 360º photos and with our new, in house, 360º video capability.

Several interactive 360º panoramic images from each performance went live each night and were published to Google Views. With Views, Google has made it possible for us to socialize 360º photo content by sharing and embedding. The imagery brought listeners to the station’s website in large numbers and kept them there for record durations.

Throughout December, 94/7FM ran promotional ads for the project that also mentioned 360 Labs’ new virtual tour guide to Portland,  When they invited cofounder, Thomas Hayden, into the studio for a Perfect Playlist interview, it was mentioned again:

“, honestly, for Portland businesses, that’s a great resource for them.  StreetView is one thing, that’s great to be able to find where you are, but taking it a step further to actually stepping  into your business, that’s really cool.”  Gustav 94/7FM

360 Video Playlist