RingSide Steakhouse

RingSide Hospitality Group let Street View inside their 3 locations in the summer of 2012. They have since seen a tremendous growth in their business. Here is what Bruce, the Director of Operations, had to say about it:

“We first saw V-Tours popping up on the web in restaurants that were not in our competitive set, but businesses that we admired. We had just completely remodeled our flagship operation - RingSide Steakhouse. Very shortly thereafter we opened a brand new concept for us - RingSide Fish House. We also have a third property at Glendoveer - RingSide East. Our three properties are all different in style, decor, location, history and cuisine. We felt it was important with all the change to "open our doors" to as many guests as possible. One way we could do this was through the Google Business View [Street View Trusted]. Almost immediately we started hearing from guests when they called for reservations or arrived for service that they had seen the restaurant online. This was an immediate response and was repeated at all three restaurants. Guests - especially in a younger, more tech savvy demographic - were giving positive feedback and we believe this became a selling point for us.

With almost 1 million views on our Google plus pages, our belief is that it has certainly helped drive that traffic - more importantly helped call the viewer to action. We use the tours on our websites, as sales tools our event planning and sales department use them almost daily to give national and international clients a view of our facilities. Virtual tours are available on our Facebook pages and as embedded links in some of our marketing correspondence.

Overall - I would say this is a must have in today's fast paced and tech driven culture, where decisions are made quickly and often based on visual impressions and user content reviews. We are extremely pleased with the work and would recommend it to anyone in the service industry as a way to bring guests in with a low investment. Our ROI on this was taken care of in the first months after acquisition.

These locations were shot before they were open and without guests. This really helps with brand and image control. RingSide Steakhouse (as seen below) was shot with HDR brackets and super long exposures to keep the same feel as if it were open at night. Take a look at the barrel private room, it is one of our favorite places to dine in Portland.