University of Oregon Housing

University of Oregon came to 360 Labs looking to help visitors maximize their limited time on campus by providing a quick and convenient way to experience more than 10 student housing facilities in just a few minutes. As part of a new state of the art interactive Student Welcome Center, the University wanted a permanent VR kiosk installation. The room offers 3 headsets giving potential students a comprehensive virtual tour of all residence halls.

University of Oregon Student Welcome Center VR Kiosk

In order to have minimal impact on the staff, the university needed the headsets to be operable without a docent. They needed a system that would drive itself, where the user would only need to put the headset on to begin enjoying the tour. To achieve this, we recommended the Pico G2 4K. Pico’s headsets offer a built-in kiosk mode, as well as full control over all of the headset functionality and buttons. With these, UO could ensure that everyone using the VR headsets would only be able to access the UO housing app.

Theft or tampering is also a concern with a permanent installation. Each of the 3 headsets were secured to the ceiling with a cable on a pulley, and enclosed with a TitanSkinVR case. The case blocks buttons from being accessed, and can be securely locked so that the headsets cannot be removed without a key.

Pico G2 4K at University of Oregon in a TitanSkinVR case

We provided panoramic photography including more than 50 different high resolution 360 views of each room type in each building, as well as several amenities including study rooms, lounges and community kitchens. We wrapped all of the content in a stand-alone virtual tour app for side-load to the Pico G2 4K, featuring a 360 video we shot from a drone flying over campus as the introduction.

UO Housing Kiosk

After more than 2 years of being in service with almost daily use, UO reports that the headsets are running great and have been a huge hit with visitors. We’ve also provided updates to the university as new construction and facilities open. Updating the tour is as easy as copying a new batch of files. If you find yourself in Eugene on campus, stop by the Student Welcome Center and check it out.

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360 Labs also created the UO360 app for University of Oregon, a comprehensive campus tour made for recruiting new students. You can explore more than 90 unique experiences and locations. The app is available for Google Cardboard on Android or iOS, or explorable as a 360 experience with your hand-held smartphone.

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