When Facebook bought Oculus in 2014, Virtual Reality instantly became a buzzword on just about everybody’s radar. Pretty much any industry you can think of has tried to incorporate VR experiences for marketing, from corporate training, to travel, to entertainment. Universities and colleges are challenged today with the need to drive more enrollment, to reach the tech savvy and connected Generation Z audience. The same old media used in the past won’t have a lasting impression on today’s potential new students. Virtual Reality can be used as a platform to engage and excite prospective recruits, drive enrollment and portray the university brand as cutting edge and state-of-the-art.
After our Grand Canyon VR documentary “as it is” was accepted into a film festival, we found out first hand just how difficult it is to manage multiple headsets for a crowd of viewers. We came out of this experience wishing more people had seen our film. These pain points inspired us to attempt our own showing right here in Portland, with the goal to get as many people as possible into “as it is” in a superior quality headset.
For the past three years we’ve been working on a VR documentary film about the Grand Canyon and the many ecological threats posed by commercial overdevelopment. After already taking two trips down the Colorado River by raft and one trip to Grand Canyon National Park to interview the superintendent, we still weren’t satisfied with the shots we got at the confluence where the Little Colorado River (or LCR) meets the Greater Colorado River. So we decided to take an 18 mile round trip trek through a treacherous desert canyon to one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Garmin has recently entered the 360 camera game with their own GPS enabled 5.7k camera with back to back lenses. As a waterproof full 360x180 camera in a very compact package, this intrigued us at 360 Labs. With GoPro Fusion taking a while to become a reality, we jumped at the chance to order the Garmin VIRB 360 and put it through the paces. We’re in dire need of a camera system that is ultra compact and durable to use in the elements.
The GoPro action camera has been the staple of the 360 video industry for years now. Love it or hate it, there’s no other camera system in the world with as many options and versatility in such a small package for an affordable price. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but we’ve all learned how to work around the many pain points. Until now, GoPro has remained pretty uninvolved in the 360 video scene. GoPro Omni was their first official venture into the 360 video market, and we put it through it's paces.

Watch our Grand Canyon VR Documentary

Drop into the heart of the Grand Canyon, held sacred and protected for millennia, to meet the people fighting a tourism development that would change one of America’s most iconic landscapes forever.

"as it is" - A Grand Canyon VR Documentary

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